MONROE, La. — Tragedy is breeding triumph in this month’s Pay It Forward.

For one Monroe father, the bond between he and his son started as soon the little boy entered this world.

“At six months old, my son was the biggest hero I’ve ever known,” said Jonathan Perry with the John Clarke Perry Foundation.

Born a twin, John Clarke died in November of 2015 at just six months old. His death due to a vascular malformation in his brain. His mother and father had one of two options.

“You can either go down a dark road or put your faith in God and that’s what we did. We chose for him to be a hero as opposed to a victim,” said Perry.

Out of death came the birth of the John Clarke Perry foundation. The Monroe based organization provides critical support for other families dealing with the loss of a child and promotes organ donation.

At just six months old, John Clarke was able to save two lives when his parents decided to donate his organs.

The foundation also raises money for children needing life-saving medical treatment.

Helping those in need close to home and beyond with the furthest request coming from Thailand.

The Donate Life Bowl will be making a return at this year’s LSU & Auburn college football game. That game will take place on October 26th.

100% of t-shirt sales for the game will be donated to the John Clarke Perry Foundation. To purchase one of those t-shirts, click here.