Sony regulating sexual content in PS4 games

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PHOENIX, AZ. (KASW) (WVLA) – (4/18/19) Sony has decided to crack down on sexual video game content in PlayStation 4 games.

Based on reports by the Wall Street Journal, the decision was made after the rise the #Metoo movement. 

Sony began to worry about its reputation regarding its explicit depiction of women in their video games. 

The new guidelines are now being enforced to help balance their content and not hinder the growth of its young audience. 

Issues first arose back in 2014, when threats of rape and death were reported to be directed at female activists demanding changes be made in the depiction of women in video games.

A counter online campaign called, “GamerGate,” was created attacking the activist’s efforts.

The debate got so intense that Feminist Media critic, Anita Sarkeesian, had to cancel one her panel discussion at Utah State University. 

Sarkeesian received threats of a potential deadly mass shooting if she appeared at the event. 

Sony has since been hesitant about the potential financial liability sexual content in video games could have on the company. 

There has been no other comment made about how Sony plans to enforce its new rules. 

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