MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Taynylei Plant-ery hosted their first Volunteer Day event with the community at the Esther Gallow Community Garden to teach people how to grow their own food.

Founder of Taynylei Plant-ery, Darian Bolton, says they are getting everything ready just in time for the new school year.

“Today is the event where we just want to get a lot of the school beets perfect. They have a couple of weeds in them, we want to weed them out and add a little bit more soil, so when school starts back, the kids at Roy Neal Shelling can come out and get straight to work.”

Ray Williams is one of the volunteers who came out to learn about the benefits of getting fresh produce.

“I mean, this is a really good idea that he put up. Good time to get the community together, you know, all coming as one. You got to stop the violence.”

“This is actually my first time, and I’m actually enjoying it. I’m spending it with my church ,with some of them, and it’s actually nice,” said Deshanae McMillian, another volunteer. 

The community and volunteers had the opportunity to plant some seeds, clean up the weeds, plant some flowers, and more importantly, learn how to grow their own food.

“We want to be accessible to the community. A lot of food deserts prevent people from getting access to quality produce, so we want to teach people how to grow food as well as have quality organic produce just growing in the garden, so they can just swing by and get what they need.”

The Taynylei Plant-ery’s mission is to inspire people to grow their own food while they save money.

The event provided all the tools needed for garnering along with some refreshments, food, and fun activities for the kids.

“This is phase one. Brother Andre is working hard, so I believe he going to take out to the sky,” explained Williams.