TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The state is getting $1 billion from the Infrastructure Bill that could help Madison Parish Port and enhance the area’s ability to attract new business investments and job creation for all of Northeast Louisiana.

During a tour to the Madison Parish Port in Tallulah, U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy talked about federal funds coming to the state, local economy, inflation, and the ongoing crisis at the border.

Cassidy says high speed internet is also the foundation of every business and every community in the parish.

“As I’m using my phone, the internet connection seems to be pretty poor. but it wouldn’t be great if a child going home to do his or her homework is able to access the internet to do an online lesson. That’s part of this Infrastructure Bill, and within 5 years, this parish would be wider.”

Cassidy says there is also money for other infrastructure improvements.

“There is money to improve rail systems, there is money to improve ports and dredge the Mississippi and other water wastes if they need. All this can make this port more productive.”

Cassidy also talked about the additional $100 million coming to the state for water, sewer upgrades.

“If the community has their plans ready, they can already apply for that money.”

KTVE also asked the Republican Senator about his thoughts on the border crisis.

“There is a Sheriff in Central Louisiana who says he has captured 10 lb. of Fentanyl, and those drugs are coming to our border. We had 100 thousand Americans die from overdose last year. We need to interrupt those drugs. We need to secure that border. We need to do a better job.”