Tallulah residents respond to latest city-wide water issue


TALLULAH, LA (KTVE/KARD) “If you’ve got to pay a high water bill, then you need water service” Erma Hamilton a Resident of Tallulah said.

The City of Tallulah was out of water for nearly half of the weekend. They say the water is now back on. But issues like this go past last weekend, even though the city has been working to fix their plant.

“It’s been like years” Jeual Doss, a Resident of Tallulah said.

“It’s been going on for a long time” Hamilton said.

Even though the City of Tallulah says they are trying to fix the water issues, patience from residents is starting to run dry. They say it’s not just the frequent interruptions of service that have them upset.

“Water’s been brown, sometimes it be grey” Doss said.

“My water is white, it looks like someone poured soap in the bottom of it” Hamilton said.

“My water be brown too… light brown, dark brown sometimes” Bobbie Stewart, a Resident of Tallulah said.

And they are tried of paying for water like this.

“I don’t mind paying the water bill, but I know I don’t use $159 for water a month. And if I have to pay a high water bill, I want water to drink, and to bathe and clean with” Hamilton said.

They would also like to hear more directly from the city directly when issues like this happen, as not every resident is on social media.

“And if you let us know, we could draw up water and have water on hand. but when you don’t let us know anything, we just out in the cold weather, you know” Stewart said.

Here is the statement provided by the City of Tallulah: “On Sunday, October 4th, 2020, the Tallulah Water Plant experienced a failure of one of the three high service pumps at the plant. As well, the plant experienced communication errors between plant components (i.e. false water readings in the tanks, etc.) which caused the other two high service pumps not to come on automatically.

Due to these happenings, the Tallulah Water Plant lost all water in the elevated tank and the ground storage tank, which resulted in a loss of water for all Tallulah customers.

An alert was sent out via various media outlets (television, social media) to alert the customer base.

Water was re-established to customers by 5:00 P.M. However, due to the loss of pressure, all Tallulah water customers are currently under a BOIL ADVISORY. This means all water should be boiled for one full minute (after coming to a boil) before consumption and/or usage.

We anticipate taking water samples on Tuesday to send to the state. Results of those samples will take 24 hours. Once they are cleared by the state, the BOILD ADVISORY can be rescinded.

Mayor Finlayson appreciates the patience of the community as we work through this latest water crisis.”

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