Tallulah receives grant money for water plant


TALLULAH, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– As many locals will tell you, water is a hot topic in Tallulah.

“I’ve lived here in Tallulah, LA since 1966 of April,” Byron Denham, a local, said. “I moved here when I was 2 1/2 years old. I have never seen the water system as bad as it is right now. We have to go to places like this IGA and other places to buy water to drink and consume.”

That’s because the water plant is about 60 years old and needs a major upagrade.

The city recently put in an application with the USDA for $7.8M to fix the water plant. The USDA has agreed to give the city $3.7M in grant funds, leaving the city to pay for the other $4M.

“Once this is done the citizens will have clean, reliable water for the City of Tallulah,” Mayor Charles Finlayson said.

Mayor Finlayson said this will not only be beneficial for locals, but also help put Tallulah back in good standings with the state.

Locals said they just hope to see change soon.

“It would be a step in the correct direction if they get the proper people to do the proper job,” Denham said.

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