Tallulah officials, residents respond to weekend “Club Peg” shooting


TALLULAH, LA (11/25/19) Emotions still run high across the city of Tallulah after a shooting that occurred at “Club Peg” that left one dead and six others injured.

On the same night of the shooting, the club was holding an event themed around the popular “Purge” movies. Officials believe that at this time, there is no correlation between the event and the shooting.

Tallulah Police say the shooting started due to an altercation between two males at the club. They say one of the males retrieved a gun from a vehicle, firing directly into a crowd of people.

“It’s just so sad because I just cannot understand, how come we can’t go out and have a very good time. There’s not a lot to do in Tallulah until it turns into a shooting or someone getting shot, someone getting killed” says Mayor Gloria Hayden.

This shooting hits close to home for Mayor Hayden, as the victim who was killed was one of her family members.

At this time, many details of the shooting are still under investigation. But city officials say they’re going to be doing what they can to make sure a shooting like this does not happen again.

Tallulah Police will be enforcing new rules on future events. This ensures that events like these have better security.

“We’re going to be a little more vigilant about activities like this. Where liquor or anything like this is involved they have to get it approved through me from now on. And in that instant I can provide adequate security” says Buster McCoy, Police Chief of the Tallulah Police Department.

The city also sent the club a letter to cease all operations until the owner comes before the City Council.

The suspect involved is currently on the run and officials are asking for your help in finding him. If you know any information regarding this shooting, please contact the Tallulah Police Department at (318) 574-3230 or the Madison Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318)-574-1831.

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