Tallulah, La. (KTVE/KARD) –The City of Tallulah hosted a swearing-in ceremony of incumbent mayor Charles Finlayson, police chief and all five members of the city council at the Tallulah Madison Community Center on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.  

Mayor Finlayson spoke with KTVE about the goals he expects to achieve for the city. 

This would be Finlayson’s second term in office and he says he’s looking forward to the next four years and getting some of the main projects finished, especially the water plant renovations. 

“Well, one thing that I’m really excited about is that we’re just about to start the refurbishing of the water plant. We’re refurbishing it now and every part of the plant will be touched.” 

Finlayson says the water will still be treated with lime. He says the new filters will help filter out the lime to provide a much clearer water.

“We are still going to use lime, but with the new filtering system, you won’t see the lime. That yellow discoloration of the lime, you won’t see that,” explained Finlayson. “The water is tested by the department of health. It is just the discoloration that makes people think it’s not safe to drink.” 

Other major projects on the list also include new grants for streets and repairs of the sidewalks.

Meanwhile, five members of the city council and police chief were also sworn in alongside the mayor. Members of the city council include:

  • Joe Scott, District 1
  • Lisa Houston, District 2
  • Carla Turner-Harris, District 3
  • Marjorie Day, District 4
  • Torriano Wells, District 5

Tallulah police chief, Buster McCoy says he plans to enforce juvenile laws.

“We have a good structure in place. What we are going to do is what I already have established. 

“I’ll focus on juvenile crime, and that is going to be a focus point this time.” “We’re trying to hold them accountable as we enforce juvenile laws.” 

All city officials will begin their new term in office on July 1,  2022.