TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – In hopes to improve some of the main sidewalks in The City of Tallulah, the city has received a $100,000 grant, and now the city is planning to repair over 1,500 linear feet of sidewalks. 

Some Tallulah residents are frustrated over broken sidewalks in the area, and have safety concerns.

“We  will be glad because you see people walking all the time and they have to walk on the road because the sidewalks aren’t in great shape. So, I’d be amazed and happy to see them get fixed.” Says one local resident, Jon Gorman.

The city received the grant as part of the ‘Recreational Trails Program’ that will be an 80/20 match between the federal government, covering 80% of it. In their partnership with both Southern University/LSU Ag Center and Healthy Communities Madison, Healthy Communities Madison is expected to cover the other 20%. 

“Yeah, we need a straight sidewalk, you know. Kids will be out here riding their bikes and stuff, so they won’t fall.” Says another resident, Laja Simms.

The funding was considered if the project led to recreational opportunities around the area such as Fairgrounds Park, and the downtown area. Repaired sidewalks include from the Post Office to Van Zelfden Street, making it safe and accessible for all residents of all ages. 

“But there are some parts where you can’t tell where the grass ends and where the sidewalk starts because it’s all cracked up. So I really would love to see it all fixed up.” Added Gorman. 

City officials say the ultimate goal is to provide safe routes for pedestrians and those in motorized vehicles to the city center and to recreational opportunities along the way. City officials say some future plans include applying for grant funds to upgrade the Fairgrounds Park.

They say they are working with a local family to have the parcel of land next to the Post Office donated to the City, so that the city can build a small pocket park for the neighborhood including park benches, tables, and individual exercise equipment. 

Residents would be able to walk through it, exercise and even ride their bikes and scooters safely. 

The project is expected to begin the fall of 2022 and it will be completed by Summer of 2023