NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Wherever you are, there is always a risk when you get behind the wheel. A study conducted by personal injury lawyers We Win broke down the top 10 deadliest states to drive in and Louisiana was on it.

According to the study, Louisiana ranks as the sixth-deadliest state in the U.S. The research analyzed the number of deaths per 100,000 people and the number of deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2020.

The deadliest state to drive in is Mississippi with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 people according to reports. Following Mississippi, were South Carolina, Arkansas, Montana, and New Mexico.

Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Massachusetts were ranked safer than Louisiana. A spokesperson from the firm pointed out one thing about the data and said, “The factors affecting the safety of driving in these states is unclear – but one thing that is particularly fascinating is that over half of the states on the list are located in the South.”

According to the spokesperson, it is a very real threat to our safety. “The total of deaths caused by road traffic accidents in 2020 was 38,824.”

Here is the list: The lower the index score, the more dangerous the state.

      Rank     State     Index score out of 10 
    1   Mississippi   2.62 
    2   South Carolina   2.78 
    3   Arkansas   2.83 
    4   Montana   3.04 
    5   New Mexico   3.18 
    6   Louisiana   3.22 
    7   Kentucky   3.29 
    8   Tennessee   3.37 
    9   Oklahoma   3.52 
    10   Wyoming   3.54