RUSTON, La. (10/4/19)– There are nearly 1,300 students that walk the halls of Ruston High School. As you roam around the campus, the bearcat pride is evident.

Tonight, 13 young women will show that pride as they are escorted on across the field at tonight’s homecoming game. These young ladies make up this year’s homecoming court. Though all of them are beautiful and talented, there are two members of this court whose stories are a bit different.

“I’m 17 years old, I’ve lived in Ruston like my whole life. When I was 12, I woke up with a spontaneous hematoma on my spinal cord and it caused me to be paralyzed,” said senior Jordan Scott.

And junior Lindsay Adair says she has been blind since birth.

“It was leber congenital amaurosis, it’s a very rare gene,” said Adair.

But like everyone else on the court, both Scott and Adair were voted on the court by their peers. This is Scott’s second time on the court and Adair’s first.

“I was very surprised when I found out I was going to be on homecoming court. I mean, I was just like–how is this happening!?” said Adair.

Both Adair and Scott are thrilled to be on the court, but they didn’t want people to chose them just because they may be perceived as “different”.

“When I first got selected, I was excited, I was happy about it, but I was also a little bit scared that people had just selected me because they felt sorry for me because I was blind,” said Adair.

But that’s obviously not the case.

“They’re on the homecoming court because they’re thought highly of by their peers and they’re respected by their peers,” said Principal Dan Gressett.

And how could they not be?

Both Scott and Adair are an inspiration,their outlook is outstanding. They say the only real disability in life is a bad attitude.

“It’s all about attitude, if you think I know I can do this, I can go through this training, I can get these skills then you can.” said Adair.

“You win and lose and life, but you’re the one who decides what’s a loss and what’s a win.” said Scott.

The court will be celebrated tonight at Ruston’s homecoming game. The school has their big dance tomorrow.