Struggling with stress: How college students can manage their anxiety as school starts


How stressed out college students can manage their anxiety

MONROE, La. (8/23/19)– Despite the scorching summer temperatures, school is back in session–or just about to be– for our local college students.

As many undergrads are settling in their dorms, so is the stress.

“I know I’m taking five classes right now and I have so much homework to do all the time, so I’m always stressed out and have anxiety that I’m not going to get something done in time,” said college junior Rayleigh Philyaw.

Philyaw is no stranger to back to school stress.

The mass communications major says she’s struggled with anxiety and other mental health issues from the beginning.

“My freshman year i battled depression, anxiety, stress, all of the above, and it was really hard for me to deal with because I just got out of high school, I felt like I was kind of pushed into the world,” said Philyaw.

Philyaw is not alone.

According to a 2019 study by Harvard Medical School, 63% of college students in the u-s felt overwhelming anxiety in the past year.

In the same survey, 23% reported being diagnosed or treated by a mental health professional for anxiety in the past year.

There are several factors that cause it, including lack of sleep, excessive caffeine intake and worries about finances.

“Just making sure that I have the money to get through college is pretty stressful,” said college freshman Kaylin Early.

You can cope with the stress of school by approaching your issues head on, practicing self-care and utilizing counseling services on campus.

And just remember–it does get better.

“I was really in a deep dark place my freshman year of college and I’ve grown from it because I learned to put other people aside and focus on myself first,” said Philyaw.

According to the Harvard study, U.S. college students are more stressed out than ever before.

The study recommends that parents and educators develop open communication with students to help navigate them through their issues.

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