Still recovering from Laura, some residents brace for the possible impact of Delta


MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– Communities across Monroe are still recovering from Hurricane Laura, including the Lakeshore Subdivision. Now, residents in the community say things are getting back to normal right as Hurricane Delta is coming this way.

“I don’t know what we’ve done to get this but I wish it wasn’t coming this way. We’re tired. We got everything cleaned up and picked up now,” said Lona Boudreaux.

Clean up has been underway for the last six weeks. Though piles of debris can still be found along the roadway, Lakeshore residents say they’ve made a lot of progress. Now, they hope not to find their community in the same situation due to hurricane delta.

“Hurricane Laura was a disaster. It took us forever to get us back to normal and we didn’t have power for 7 days,” said Janelle K Mills, Resident.

While they’ve said their prayers and crossed their fingers, at the end of the day, they know the community was strong enough to get through Laura. They say they can get through whatever Hurricane Delta throws their way.

“Mother nature is going to do what she wants to do. I don’t know if its global warming or what causes it. However, the result is the same, you just have to live through it,” said Rocky Boudreaux.

This time around, residents say they’re prepared.

“I’m not worried so much about it. We are going to get gas, I have food coming, stuff for the animals, stuff for us,” said Mills.

Residents say they can’t control the weather or anything that happens in this area, but what they can control is helping each other out, despite what Hurricane Delta brings their way.

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