People in Sterlington are wondering if a police investigation is the result of a fight or just a misunderstanding between a teacher and a teenager during Easter weekend.

“That time of morning a student and a teacher that don’t sound too good,” Sterlington resident, Otis Blanson, said.

 People are still trying to make sense of an alleged fight between a Sterlington High School teacher and a teen.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office says it happened Lonewa Lane. 

After deputies spoke  with witnesses they arrested 38-year-old Jack David Goode–an agricultural science teacher and coach at Sterlington High.

Blanson told us he and his wife woke up out of their sleep Saturday night when they heard a loud argument going on right outside this new subdivision across the street.

“We heard a commotion down the street from my house we heard a sound something like a girl screaming oh no”

According to the arrest report Goode is accused of giving alcohol to a teen then, after telling him he couldn’t handle his liquor, he punched the kid in the face and chest.

However, Goode told deputies that the teens showed up, already intoxicated, and he was just trying to give them a ride home.

We asked the Goode family for their side of the story but they declined to speak on the matter.

Ouachita Parish School Superintendent, Dr. Don Coker confirmed that Goode is currently suspended with pay until the investigation is complete. Then a decision will be made on his future with Sterlington High.

Many questions in this case still remain.

Why were the teens hanging around Goode on Easter weekend?   What is the relationship between the teens and Goode?