Sterlington rolls out new “No Knock” ordinance


Sterlington residents can now register on a "no-knock" list to prevent door-to-door salesmen from showing up at their homes

STERLINGTON, La. (9/5/19)– Almost every town in America has them.

They catch you in your drive way when your coming home from work.

They show up at your door unannounced.

Sometimes, they end up taking your time and your money.

Yes, almost every town in America–including Sterlington–has peddlers.

Sterlington folks know all about these door-to-door salesmen. They show up at their houses unannounced, trying to sell them anything from magazines, to life insurance, even vacuums.

A new ordinance is giving residents the opportunity to be done with peddlers once and for all. It’s called “Sterlington No-Knock” and it was introduced by the town’s attorney.

“As a citizen of Sterlington, you can go to town hall, put your name on a registry, which indicates that you do not want to be bothered by peddlers,” said Sterlington police Chief Barry Bonner.

Registration is free and once citizens apply with their name and address, they’ll receive a sticker they can place on their door or window.

“To be able to go door to door in Sterlington, you have to go to town hall first and get a peddler’s license. They’ll get a list of homes that are on the registry to no-knock,” said Chief Bonner.

Some residents are looking forward to registering.

“I’ve had a guy that’s come around a good bit, asking me and my wife to do certain things and i’m just not interested. I told him and it’s something that I’m definitely going to do here soon,” said Sterlington resident Brady Willcut.

Chief Bonner says those who are caught at homes on the no-knock list could receive a $100 fine.

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