Sterlington proposes ordinance to halt water system plans


Plans for a new water system on hold due to the town's financial situation

STETLINGTON, La. (9/11/19)– We use it to bathe. We drink it every day. It’s no secret that water is something we can’t live without it.

One local town had its own plans to improve water quality for its citizens and those in the surrounding areas. But that plan–now on the back-burner.

The town of Sterlington had big dreams to eventually have their own water system, with hopes of providing their residents with safe clean drinking water. But, that dream came to a screeching halt, and it’s due in part to their financial situation.

Sterlington’s town council recently introduced the ordinance that would essentially abandon plans to create the new water system. The town currently gets their water from the Greater Ouachita Water Company.

“Now, it wasn’t to become a water conglomerate, we just wanted to be able to help our community as well as the adjoining communities as far as giving them water,” said Mayor Caesar Velasquez.

Some Sterlington residents say a new water system is necessary.

“With Greater Ouachita, we’ve been having all kinds of issues with them. Our water is discolored. I have a water purification system on a sink, and when I change the filter out, it goes straight to red,” said Sterlington resident Seth White.

Sterlington is facing $21 million in debt, and their new fiscal administrator I.M. “Junior” Shelton is recommending to halt plans for now. The ordinance also proposes lifting a provision that forbids private individuals from donating their water lines to the Greater Ouachita Water Company.

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