Sterlington proposes hike in sewer rates


In addition to the town's proposed sales tax, residents could pay 36% more for their monthly sewer bills

STERLINGTON, La. (6/19/19)– Sterlington’s board of alderman will vote next week on 1.5% sales tax. The proposal was voted on several weeks ago, but was ruled invalid because Mayor Caesar Velasquez cast the tie-breaking vote. 

  “We were able to cut that back, strictly from the stand point that as we looked at our finances and some of the things we we’re doing, we were able to cut that back, we didn’t need quite as much,” said Mayor Velasquez.

The board also agreed to vote next week on a proposal to raise sewer rates. If it passes, Sterlington residents will pay 36% more per month on their sewer bill.

  “Right now, our current debt service ratio that we have is not where it needs to be for the state standards. We need to be at 1.215 and we’re no where near that,” said Mayor Velasquez.

Mayor Velasquez says the increase is necessary for Sterlington to pay for sewer repairs. He says some parts of Sterlington’s sewer system are more than 40 years old. He says just recently the town shelled out nearly $10,000 for sewer repairs.

Several citizens expressed their concerns about the proposals, but Mayor Velasquez insists he and the board are doing what’s best Sterlington. 

If the sales tax proposal passes next week, the proceeds from the tax won’t be collected until October. If the sewer rate increase passes, Sterlington residents can expect to see that increase in their August bills.

The board will vote on both June 25th.

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