STERLINGTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Sterlington Police Department is gearing up with new high-tech upgrades. Everything from new vehicles to new equipment; and possible salary increase to better serve their citizens.

Two new Tahoe trucks were delivered to the Sterlington Police Department this past week. Chief of police, Barry Bonner, says the addition of these two new vehicles will help officers respond to emergency calls in a more efficient way.

“The citizens, they pay tax dollars, and I pay tax dollars; and I expect, if I call the police, they will be able to make it to my house in a time and manner, and not worry about them being broken down on the side of the road and no one coming, so.”

Bonner says leasing these two vehicles was a better financial option rather than purchasing new patrol units.

“Matt Talbert. at the time was an alderman, and he came up with the idea of why don’t we lease vehicles. And he came to find out that leasing was a better option. In the long run, we will save money because, at the end of three years, we will turn that vehicle over and get another brand new vehicle.”

The funding used to buy the vehicles originated from the police department budget. Bonner says the new equipment will also be added to these units to help enforce traffic.

“And instead of getting the mobile radios, which most units already have their mobile radios inside, we are going to have portable radios that officers will be able to have a port in the vehicle, then he will take his portable radio and plug it in every time he gets in it.”

Chief Bonner says there are also plans to increase police officers’ pay.

“If we want these guys to take care of us, then we should know that we are paying them a salary that would be to the person who is qualified.”

Chief Bonner says their goal is to patrol the town 24/7. He says these new units are expected to be up and running this upcoming Friday.