STERLINGTON, La. (KTVE/KARD)–Three Republican mayoral candidates are running to become the next mayor of the Town of Sterlington, including incumbent mayor Caesar Velazquez who is running for reelection.

Velazquez faces challengers Matt Talbert and Lucy Holtzclaw. They laid out their priorities before Sterlington voters began heading to the polls.

Velasquez says his top priorities are economic development, infrastructure, and commercial growth. He says there are currently several major projects in the works

“My biggest thing that I want to do is to concentrate now on making sure that we are set up for success moving forward in the future. We are looking at economic development. We are really trying to drive the commercial growth in Sterlington.”

Velasquez says current projects include the building on an access road for commercial growth and a grant for infrastructure improvements.

“We did get some Covid money that we are going to use for repairs on the infrastructure.”

Current Sterlington, Matt Talbert, says he will focus on tackling current issues such as rebuilding the police department, beautification, and the town’s current debt.

“It’s important that our citizens are safe in their homes. That their vehicles are safe at night. We can have night patrols and have officers in our communities at night that are patrolling our streets.”

Talbert says he is looking forward to improving infrastructure and bringing more business to the town.

“We are just a few miles from I-20, and the river right here in our backyard, and we have a railway system. So, the options are unlimited when it comes to bringing in anything from small business to large industrial businesses.”

Meanwhile, businesswoman, Lucy Holtzclaw, says her top priority is to bring major economic development.

“I need to look at the budgets. I need to see them. I need to see what we can do and what we have to work with. And then go from there and say, okay, this is what’s on our budget and let’s go find the other budget that we need.”

Holtzclaw says her vision is to create as much local revenue as possible.

“I’m ready to talk to the business that has already called me and wants to move to Sterlington. Let’s bring some revenue in, let’s get them to shop here.”