Sterlington Mayor says potential ordinance won’t cost a new fee for residents


An issue that started as one of garbage has now turned into one where the mayor of Sterlington, Caesar Velasquez, and the board of alderman are looking to pass an ordinance. It was tabled for now, but the mayor indicated the problem was ith sewer equipment.

“We had a subdivision where we had several homes that sewer was run to it, but the tap wasn’t done properly,” said the mayor.

The potential ordinance would ensure both commercial and residential properties installed their sewer equipment in the right way.

“I don’t think it’s going to hamper anything because it’s really not going to add any cost to it. All it’s going to do is make sure that they’re doing sewer taps correctly when they put that infrastructure in the ground they’re following the guidelines of the town,” said mayor Velasquez.

So in the event, there is a backup and it’s the town’s fault, they can fix it. Simply put this new ordinance would cost a one time fee of $200-300. The city just can’t afford to pay for each new development coming into Sterlington.

“The funding is not there to cover these costs, we’re not putting it on the homeowners or the contractors,” said the mayor.

However he wants residents not to worry if you already live or have a business in Sterlington, this new ordinance won’t cost you a thing.

The next Board of Alderman meeting is scheduled for July 23, 2019.

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