STERLINGTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Sterlington voters have elected Matt Talbert as the new mayor.

Current alderman and mayor-elect, Matt Talbert, defeated incumbent Caesar Velasquez in the December 10th runoff election with 52% of the votes.

“We have an opportunity to prove to them that we were the right person for the job. A lot of local states, and even federal officers, have reached out already and have offered their help. You know, immediately we are going to aggressively go after funding.”

Talbert says, although there is a current debt still being paid off, he says the town’s financial status remains stable through the Economic Development District bond.

“That’s one of the bonds that we want to aggressively attack, so we can lower the tax rate here in Sterlington. All of our debt is current. We have money in the bank, we don’t have any trouble right now paying our bills.”

Talbert also says he will set aside money for police training in the budget.

“So, whether it be training for a school shooter type of event or maybe working with the mentally disabled.”

Among other projects, Talbert says his primary focus also includes economic growth.

“We want to work on the aging infrastructure, and we have to continue to invest in that sports complex to continue to bring people to Sterlington that their tax dollars are here.”

Talbert will take office on January 1st.