Sterlington, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Town of Sterlington was awarded with a grant to build a new access road aiming to bring commercial development to the area.

The new access road will connect Highway 134 to Scott Drive. Mayor of Sterlington, Caesar Velasquez says this road will give residents the opportunity to drive through it and shop at those locations without having to get on the busier Highway 165.

“There is a lot of traffic out there, so it helps minimize the efforts to get out there and get back on and what not. It’s going to be a big improvement. Right now, it has the potential to bring in 10 to 15 new jobs with some new commercial development.”

Velasquez says citizens will be able to get off the road and have easier access to local businesses in the area. The road will also allow business growth in the future.

“Like we got the bank, we got a pharmacy, we have a harwood store, a veterinarian office and a doctor’s office back here. They will have much easier access to it once it’s built. Our hope is to maybe we could continue on down the way with the access road where it would give us a little more access along the way.”

The project costs $436,000 with a partial grant of $368,000 awarded by the Delta Regional Authority with $67,000 being matched.

“It’s going to be a wide open area now with the growth we are having here in Sterlington as far as residential growth. It’s going to add to the much needed facilities and amenities that we need in this area. so it just can’t help it to develop itself once it gets put in.”

Velasquez says once the project goes out for bids, construction is expected to begin early next year and be completed within a year.