Will the roads get fixed? HB 542 plans to get it done

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BATON ROUGE, La. (WVLA) – (4/24/19) HB 542 aims to provide new revenue for Louisiana’s deteriorating and congested bridges and roadways.

Unlike previous legislation, these funds are dedicated and placed in a sub-fund or lockbox so that they can only be used for bridge and road projects.

The bill funds state bridge and road maintenance and construction through a fuel tax increase, rededication of an existing sales tax, and new registration fees on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Projects included in the bill are new bridges for Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lake Charles Lafayette, as well as other major statewide projects. 

The agenda for the brief press conference will include amendments for to the bill as well as new insights into how tourism is being impacted by crumbling roads and bridges.

The bill is being considered in the current Louisiana Legislative session and has received wide support from business and industry across the state.

The bill is scheduled to be heard in a House Ways and Means Committee the week of April 29, according to Carter.

During the conference, a flyover protest took place challenging HB 542. A banner dragged across the sky read “LA, Can’t afford a gas tax too-AFP.”

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