UPDATE: Gov. Edwards signs over 330 bills into law

State Legislature

(Hilary Scheinuk/The Advocate via AP)

BATON ROUGE, La. — Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed over 330 bills into law from the 2020 Regular Legislative Session.

Some of the bills will have a direct impact on portions of our area (e.g. Act 7 which alters the requirements and payment of insurance premium costs for retired sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office) while others will change or add to current state laws, such as Act 10 that adds new substances to the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.

Other bills that will have a state-wide impact include:

  • ACT 64—HB 67 Provides relative to crime of battery of police officer.
  • ACT 65—HB 109 Prohibits vaping in motor vehicles under certain circumstances
  • ACT 41—SB 352 Provides that the court may order a clinical assessment for a person who has two or more DWI convictions.

Continue reading for the full list of bills signed into law by Gov. Edwards as of June 16, 2020:

ACT 1—HB 848 Provides that Act No. 833 of the 2014 Regular Session, which provides for alternative pathways for grade level promotion and graduation of certain special education students, shall be known and may be cited as the “April Dunn Act”.

ACT 2—HB 11 Provides relative to benefit payments if an eligible member of the Firefighters’ Retirement System dies prior to retirement.

ACT 3—HB 13 Provides relative to enrollment of employees in the Firefighters’ Retirement System or the Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 4—HB 14 Provides relative to the refund of employee contributions to the Firefighters’ Retirement System.

ACT 5—HB 17 Provides relative to entities that are employers covered by the Parochial Employees’ Retirement System of Louisiana.

ACT 6—HB 37 Provides that the annual amount of a Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) award at Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College shall match the annual award amount at other technical community colleges.

ACT 7—HB 58 Provides relative to premium costs for retired sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office.

ACT 8—HB 65 Provides relative to exceptions to the crime of political payroll padding by a sheriff.

ACT 9—HB 81 Provides an exception to allow immediate family members of a coach of a collegiate athletic program to be employed on the staff of that program.

ACT 10—HB 89 Adds certain substances to the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.

ACT 11—HB 91 Re-creates the Louisiana Department of Health.

ACT 12—HB 97  Removes certain limitations on the exemption from local match requirements for certain rural water system projects

ACT 13—HB 98 Provides relative to the signing of civil pleadings.

ACT 14—HB 99 Re-creates the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. 

ACT 15—HB 101 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority.

ACT 16—HB 113 Provides relative to the use of facility dogs in court.

ACT 17—HB 123 Provides relative to the allocation of receipts and expense to income and principal.

ACT 18—HB 124 Provides for continuous revisions to the Trust Code.

ACT 19—HB 125 Provides for the continuous revision of succession law.

ACT 20—HB 126 Provides for ownership in bond for deed contracts for purposes of homestead exemptions.

ACT 21—HB 130 Provides relative to termination of the Louisiana Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

ACT 22—HB 143 Re-creates the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

ACT 23—HB 144 Provides relative to the mandatory age limitation for certain elected officials. 

ACT 24—HB 204 Authorizes CASA to receive FBI records on potential CASA volunteers.

ACT 25—HB 265 Provides relative to certain recordkeeping by the clerks of court.

ACT 26—HB 288 Provides relative to the purchase of an automobile by the Livingston Parish Clerk of Court.

ACT 27—HB 400 Provides for an extension of court costs collected by the Civil District Court for the parish of Orleans.

ACT 28—HB 751 Makes revisions to the Louisiana Election Code.

ACT 29—SB 3 Adds Morgan City and Berwick housing authorities to system membership.

ACT 30—SB 5 Authorizes the board to deduct certain monthly insurance premiums from benefits payable to members or other beneficiaries.

ACT 31—SB 6 MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEE RET: Clarifies terminology.

ACT 32—SB 32 Provides relative to the penalty for second-degree rape.

ACT 33—SB 33 Re-creates the income tax checkoff donation for Dreams Come True, Inc.

ACT 34—SB 53 Provides for therapeutic group homes licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health.

ACT 35—SB 173 Requires a notice to be posted upon the withdrawal or disqualification of a candidate’s name that remains on the ballot.

ACT 36—SB 174 Provides technical changes in references to federal law regarding health insurance.

ACT 37—SB 186 Provides relative to the Municipal and Traffic Court of New Orleans.

ACT 38— SB 209 Requires the office of state examiner to develop online testing for entrance firefighter and entrance police officer applicants. 

ACT 39—SB 229 Provides relative to evidence from criminalistics laboratories in Certificates of Analysis in juvenile court proceedings of a noncriminal nature.

ACT 40—SB 322 Provides relative to tests for suspected drunken drivers.

ACT 41—SB 352 Provides that the court may order a clinical assessment for a person who has two or more DWI convictions.

ACT 42—SB 414 Provides relative to the authority of the Insurance Committee of the Assessors’ Insurance Fund to contract for group insurance.

ACT 43—SB 421 Provides for additional rights and powers of certain port commissions regarding economic and industrial growth.

ACT 44—SB 450 Exempts from seizure payments received under governmental entities as a result of an outstanding emergency event.

ACT 45—SB 487 Provides relative to the capital outlay application process.

ACT 46—SB 492 Preempts local regulation of the use of natural gas utility service.

ACT 47—SB 498 Provides for tax filing and payment extensions.

ACT 48—SB 503 Provides relative to actions of Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget relative to the forty-five day close period.

ACT 49—SB 16 Prohibits insurance rate determinations based on risk classifications due to the fact that the insured is deployed in the military in excess of six months.

ACT 50—SB 54 Provides relative to articles of incorporation and qualifications of registered agents of certain corporations.

ACT 51—SB 55 Removes requirement for telephone numbers in an application for registration of certain contract providers filed with the secretary of state.

ACT 52—SB 65 Creates an exemption for members of the armed services to avoid a penalty for lapse of automobile coverage.

ACT 53—SB 71 Provides for the Louisiana Automotive Insurance Plan.

ACT 54—HB 765 Creates the “LSU National Champions” specialty license plate.

ACT 55—SB 72 Provides for collection of certain fees by the commissioner of insurance from property and casualty insurers. 

ACT 56—SB 78 Provides relative to disbursement of funds from START savings accounts.

ACT 57—SB 79 Creates the Louisiana Cybersecurity Talent Initiative Fund for the purpose of funding degree and certificate programs in cybersecurity fields and creates the Cybersecurity Education Management Council to advise relative to the fund

ACT 58—SB 84 Provides relative to legislative approval of Education Excellence Fund expenditure plans.

ACT 59—SB 110 Provides relative to servitudes of drainage.

ACT 60—SB 117 Re-creates the Department of Natural Resources. 

ACT 61—SB 353 Provides for carbon sequestration.

ACT 62—SB 386 Establishes Advisory Commission for Louisiana’s Energy, Environment, and Restoration

ACT 63—HB 116 Provides relative to use of court costs and fees for services by constables and marshals

ACT 64—HB 67 Provides relative to crime of battery of police officer.

ACT 65—HB 109 Prohibits vaping in motor vehicles under certain circumstances

ACT 66—HB 181 Extends cooperative endeavor agreements for use of surface waters

ACT 67—HB 164 Provides relative to emergency medical services protocols in certain life-threatening situations

ACT 68—HB 168 Provides relative to exemptions for steam heating boilers

ACT 69—HB 171 Provides limited authorization for DCFS to obtain copies of birth and death certificates of certain children and adults.

ACT 70—HB 178 Provides relative to suspension or deferral of sentence and probation in felony cases.

ACT 71—HB 179 Provides relative to certain conditions to expunge record of arrest and conviction of felony offense.

ACT 72—HB 184 Provides for lease of certain state property in Jefferson Parish.

ACT 73—HB 194 Provides relative to certain expungement forms.

ACT 74—HB 203 Provides relative to re-creation of Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

ACT 75—HB 213 Provides relative to Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum.

ACT 76—HB 227 Provides relative to nature of production payments

ACT 77—HB 240 Authorizes Louisiana Department of Health office of behavioral health to conduct reviews of deaths of persons served by the office.

ACT 78—HB 241 Provides relative to expungement of records.

ACT 79—HB 257 Provides relative to form of payment for expungement of record

ACT 80—HB 392 Removes specific function of office of forestry and certain authority of Louisiana Forestry Commission related to production and prices of forest tree seedlings grown by department

ACT 81—HB 393 Provides for commissioner’s authority to regulate cooperative agreements within Louisiana Forestry Productivity Program.

ACT 82—HB 394 Provides relative to State Forestry Commission’s comprehensive management plan for Alexander State Forest and Indian Creek.

ACT 83—HB 406 Grants secretary of Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism power to make personnel decisions.

ACT 84—HB 442 Provides relative to timber harvest season permits.

ACT 85—HB 461 Provides relative to property exchange between Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

ACT 86—HB 476 Provides relative to Louisiana Folklife Commission and Louisiana Tourism Development Commission

ACT 87—HB 481 Requires uniform reporting by entities that assess, collect, or receive revenue from pre- or post-adjudication costs, fines, and fees.

ACT 88—HB 589 Provides for Medicaid policies and procedures concerning telehealth services.

ACT 89—HB 592 Allows Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to incur debt or issue bonds.

ACT 90—HB 669 Re-creates Department of Transportation and Development

ACT 91—HB 691 Reinstates Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund and program

ACT 92—HB 758 Provides relative to payments under public contract.

ACT 93—HB 780 Provides relative to disqualification of commercial motor vehicle drivers.

ACT 94—HB 828 Provides relative to insurance fraud investigation unit within Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

ACT 95—HB 808 Provides for premium discounts on motor vehicle insurance when insured consents to have data provided to third parties.

ACT 96—HB 29 Provides relative to the reporting duties of law enforcement with respect to information about missing children.

ACT 97—HB 57 Provides for the functions of the jury commission in Tangipahoa Parish and Jackson Parish

ACT 98—HB 77 Provides relative to the supervision and reporting requirements of persons on probation or parole

ACT 99—HB 173 Provides parole eligibility for certain juvenile offenders.

ACT 100—HB 211 Provides relative to state banks and credit unions providing financial services to cannabis-related legitimate businesses and service providers.

ACT 101—HB 212 Provides relative to domestic abuse.

ACT 102—HB 220 Provides relative to the judicial enforcement of fines and penalties assessed by the state licensing board for contractors.

ACT 103—HB 338 Provides relative to physical and mental health information of an offender appearing before the committee on parole.

ACT 104—HB 420 Provides relative to minimum training requirements for law enforcement officers.

ACT 105—HB 434 Provides relative to certain homicide offenses.

ACT 106—HB 453 Provides relative to motions to modify disposition.

ACT 107—HB 499 Provides relative to the procedure for independent administration of successions.

ACT 108—HB 529 Provides relative to letters of incarceration.

ACT 109—HB 722 Provides for the enforcement of electronic signatures by financial institutions.

ACT 110—HB 842 Provides relative to the assessment, collection, and distribution of certain court costs and fees in the parish of Orleans.

ACT 111—SB 118 Provides relative to “contract limit” in the public works law.

ACT 112—SB 122 Provides relative to notice and appeal rights for over-age dependent coverage by any health plan offered under purview of Office of Group Benefits and designated as “Arielle’s Law”.

ACT 113—SB 137 Authorizes coroner to issue permit for cremation after completion of coroner’s investigation of death when under suspicious circumstances or reasonable probability of commission of crime.

ACT 114—SB 147 Provides for release of body for disposition by coroner

ACT 115—SB 178 Provides relative to delivery of alcoholic beverages

ACT 116—SB 244 Provides for legislative determination of priorities in final construction program.

ACT 117—SB 273 Provides for registration with secretary of state by managed service providers servicing public bodies

ACT 118—SB 283 Provides relative to local sales tax administration.

ACT 119—SB 308 Provides relative to Dedicated Fund Review Subcommittee of Joint Legislative Committee on Budget.

ACT 120—SB 313 Provides relative to exemptions related to New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board.

ACT 121—SB 345 Provides relative to noncompete agreements.

ACT 122—SB 433 Provides that mandatory reporter of child abuse has cause to suspect abuse if child under age of 13 is pregnant

ACT 123—SB439 Limits liability of nonprofit organization or employee for disclosure of certain information.

ACT 124—HB 18 Provides relative to contributions to and administration of Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 125—HB 35 Provides limitation of liability for donating certain wild game.

ACT 126—HB 62 Provides relative to election of judges in 14th JDC.

ACT 127—HB 95 Provides for increase in commissioner fees in Twenty-Fourth Judicial District Court.

ACT 128—HB 110 Provides relative to methods of service of process regarding actions objecting to candidacy and contesting election.

ACT 129—HB 111 Authorizes Red River, Atchafalaya, and Bayou Beouf Levee Districts to exchange property in Avoyelles Parish.

ACT 130—HB 114 Provides relative to parish boards of election supervisors.

ACT 131—HB 122 Provides for ratification of certain executive orders relative to notarial acts.

ACT 132—HB 129 Provides relative to motion to expunge record of arrest that did not result in conviction.

ACT 133—HB 132 Adopts daylight saving time as standard time.

ACT 134—HB 185 Requires licensure for insurance producers acting on behalf of fraternal benefit societies

ACT 135—HB 249 Provides for certain fees to be dedicated to operational costs of office of coroner in Concordia Parish.

ACT 136—HB 290 Prohibits the disclosure of addresses and telephone numbers of election commissioners.

ACT 137—HB 317 Establishes driver’s license designation for person with autism spectrum disorder 

ACT 138—HB 328 Authorizes exemption from local sales taxes for feminine hygiene products and diapers.

ACT 139—HB 343 Provides relative to Bail Bond Apprentice Program.

ACT 140—HB 344 Prohibits the use of solitary confinement for certain persons

ACT 141—HB 357 Provides relative to fantasy sports contests.

ACT 142—HB 376 Provides relative to qualifications of members of municipal fire and police civil service board in city of Baton Rouge.

ACT 143—HB 378 Provides relative to compensation for members of Washington Parish planning commission

ACT 144—HB 412 Expands authorized uses of monies in State Emergency Response Fund. 

ACT 145—HB 414 Provides relative to civil service status of employees of Monroe Housing Authority.

ACT 146—HB 417 Provides relative to waiver of certain court costs and fees.

ACT 147—HB 418 Provides relative to immunity from prosecution for medical marijuana.

ACT 148—HB 426 Provides relative to seed testing and labeling.

ACT 149—HB 438 Provides relative to contempt proceedings when Department of Children and Family Services is providing support enforcement services.

ACT 150—HB 443 Provides relative to board of commissioners of Lakeshore Crime Prevention District.

ACT 151—HB 496 Provides relative to grain buyers within agricultural commodity dealer and warehouse law and to Grain and Cotton Indemnity Fund

ACT 152—HB 514 Provides relative to electric-assisted bicycles.

ACT 153—HB 515 Provides relative to content of notice of intent of agency’s intended action regarding administrative rules.

ACT 154—HB 602 Provides relative to criminal history record information for Louisiana Department of Education.

ACT 155—HB 633 Provides for mandatory training in cybersecurity awareness for all state and local employees, officials, and contractors.

ACT 156—HB 653 Provides relative to requirements for reporting and advertising unclaimed property.

ACT 157—HB 665 Reestablishes Louisiana Toxic Mold Task Force.

ACT 158—HB 753 Provides relative to special restrictions on lamps for certain vehicles.

ACT 159—HB 754 Expands powers and authority of livestock brand inspectors.

ACT 160—HB 775 Provides relative to defendant’s appearance at certain proceedings by audio-visual transmission.

ACT 161—HB 784 Provides relative to certain types of contributions and records required to be maintained relative thereto 

ACT 162—HB 805 Provides for suspension of prescription.

ACT 163—HB 869 Provides relative to requirements for permitting a solid waste incineration facility.

ACT 164—HB 12 Provides relative to the suspension of benefits of members of the Firefighters’ Retirement System upon reemployment.

ACT 165—HB 52 Provides relative to the filing of oaths and bonds by registrars of voters.

ACT 166—HB 53 Provides relative to the election of judges for the 2nd JDC.

ACT 167—HB 70 Provides relative to National Guard death and disability benefits and qualifying subsequent examination.

ACT 168—HB 80 Provides relative to group health insurance for retired district attorneys.

ACT 169—HB 88 Prohibits disclosure by registrars of voters, clerks of court, and the Department of State of information related to voter registration and election management computer systems.

ACT 170—HB 102 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport.

ACT 171—HB 136 Creates the crime of adulterating a food product.

ACT 172—HB 137 Repeals the crime of vagrancy.

ACT 173—HB 142 Provides relative to successions.

ACT 174—HB 150 Amends the crime of battery of a police officer to include the throwing of water, other liquids, or human waste.

ACT 175—HB 159 Allows nighttime hunting of outlaw quadrupeds, nutria, and beaver on private property at any time of the year.

ACT 176—HB 209 Authorizes a health insurance issuer to provide policy information electronically.

ACT 177—HB 210 Provides for a child support obligor’s right to claim children for tax purposes and provides for the schedule of basic child support obligations.

ACT 178—HB 246 Authorizes the secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to certify “organizations involved in charitable hunting and fishing activities” and waives license fees for such organizations.

ACT 179—HB 247 Provides relative to credit for reinsurance.

ACT 180—HB 251 Recreates the Early Childhood Care and Education Commission.

ACT 181—HB 263 Provides for insurance coverage of step therapy or fail first protocols.

ACT 182—HB 269 Allows for the use of the Budget Stabilization Fund for state costs associated with a federally declared disaster.

ACT 183—HB 284 Provides relative to financial institutions.

ACT 184—HB 292 Provides relative to hotel occupancy taxes levied by certain tourist commissions and convention and visitors bureaus.

ACT 185—HB 296 Provides for cancellation of a policy by the insured party.

ACT 186—HB 334 Authorizes a concealed handgun permit holder to carry a concealed handgun in a place of worship.

ACT 187—HB 353 Provides relative to claims for dental services made by healthcare providers.

ACT 188—HB 363 Creates and provides for a retired volunteer dental hygienist license.

ACT 189—HB 373 Provides relative to the Westminster Pine Park Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

ACT 190—HB 411 Provides relative to hunting and fishing license fees for Purple Heart recipients.

ACT 191—HB 449 Provides relative to behavioral health services delivered via telehealth.

ACT 192—HB 458 Provides relative to the execution of agreements between merchants and third-party delivery services. 

ACT 193—HB 521 Provides for the notification process for ad valorem reappraisal. 

ACT 194—HB 537 Provides relative to the Sulphur Industrial Development District. 

ACT 195—HB 575 Provides relative to security for deposit of funds. 

ACT 195—HB 577 Provides with respect to promotions within certain local police departments. 

ACT 197—HB 583 Requires certain public trusts to obtain approval of a parish or municipal governing authority under certain circumstances prior to undertaking an authorized public function or purpose.

ACT 198—HB 584 Provides relative to the authorized uses of funds in the Crime Victims Reparations Fund. 

ACT 199—HB 593 Provides relative to the prescriptive period for child support judgments. 

ACT 200—HB 613 Provides relative to the occupational licenses of military families. 

ACT 201—HB 615 Provides relative to donors or prospective donors of an organ or tissue.

ACT 202—HB 619  Authorizes the La. Board of Pharmacy to charge fees for permitting of pharmacy benefit managers and provides for the frequency with which the board may assess other fees.

ACT 203—HB 643 Provides relative to the supervision of parolees. 

ACT 204—HB 734 Provides relative to access to dual enrollment. 

ACT 205—HB 757 To change the name of the Slidell City Court. 

ACT 206—HB 871 Revises the definition of dyslexia for purposes of testing and providing services to students 

ACT 207—SB 27 Provides relative to board appointments and powers and duties of the Harbor Center District. 

ACT 208—SB 36 Provides for the acceptance of a notice of candidacy. 

ACT 209—SB 42 Provides that domicile of the Department of State is in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

ACT 210—SB 75 Provides relative to addresses to where absentee by mail ballots are sent. 

ACT 211—SB 80 Exempts interior blueprints and floor plans of public school buildings and facilities from the definition of “public records”. 

ACT 212—SB 104 Provides for board membership and authority of certain state museums.

ACT 213—SB 111 Provides that the contributions to the state retirement systems for the unfunded accrued liability shall be contained in the executive budget and as an exhibit to the general appropriation bill.

ACT 214—SB 120 Requires that three members of the Louisiana State Racing Commission be affiliated with the horse racing industry.

ACT 215—SB 130 Provides for a proposition election to determine whether sports wagering activities and operations will be permitted in a parish.

ACT 216—SB 138 Provides for sales and use tax collection by marketplace facilitators.

ACT 217—SB 140 Requires certain offices to report cyber incidents to secretary of state. 

ACT 218—SB 153 Provides relative to continuing tutorship.

ACT 219—SB 157 Provides relative to audit requirements for recipients of state funds.

ACT 220—SB 183 Authorizes clerks of court to have law enforcement officers at polling places on election day to enforce law and authorizes law enforcement officers to enter voting location in an emergency.

ACT 221—SB 198 Designates the month of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

ACT 222—SB 204 Provides for health insurance coverage of cancer treatments.

ACT 223—SB 252 Provides for driver education to include instruction relative to accessible parking and access aisles.

ACT 224—SB 254 Provides for expansion of working conditions afforded to fire service employees employed by nonprofit corporations under contract with a fire protection district, municipality, or other political subdivision.

ACT 225—SB 318 Provides for TOPS-Tech award eligibility for certain military veterans.

ACT 226—SB 354 Provides relative to a card indicating licensing and certification of an offender prior to his release.

ACT 227—SB 390 Provides relative to Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans.

ACT 228—SB 407 Provides relative to the post-conviction veterans mentor program.

ACT 229—SB 424 Authorizes the city of Central to expropriate property by declaration for the purpose of maintaining and improving drainage.

ACT 230—SB 426 Requires health insurance coverage for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) diagnostic testing.

ACT 231—SB 115 Provides relative to advertisements for legal services.

ACT 232—SB 145 Provides relative to fees charged by the clerk of court for the Twenty-sixth Judicial District Court.

ACT 233—SB 155 Provides for payment of supplemental compensation from nonpublic sources for certain personnel at the Jimmy D. Long, Sr. Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts.

ACT 234—SB 205 Defines “final determination” for purposes of reporting federal income tax adjustments.

ACT 235—SB 212 Provides relative to the membership of the Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission.

ACT 236—SB 268 Provides relative to abandonment of safety deposit boxes.

ACT 237—SB 270 Increases the daily compensation paid to jurors in civil cases.

ACT 238—SB 365 Requires that information be provided to students about high-demand, high-wage jobs during the development and revision of their individual graduation plans.

ACT 239—SB 381 Provides relative to the recordation of birth certificates of children born to armed forces members.

ACT 240—SB 396 Authorizes and provides for cooperative endeavor agreements between local governmental subdivisions and other entities that may require payments in lieu of ad valorem taxes.

ACT 241—SB 437 Provides relative to postsecondary education management board sick leave policies.

ACT 242—SB 447 Provides relative to powers and duties of the commissioner of conservation.

ACT 243—SB 461 Provides relative to deferral of certain unemployment insurance benefit charges and employer contributions.

ACT 244—SB 470 Provides relative to warranty agreements and claims involving the transfer recreational vehicles.

ACT 245—SB 481 Provides relative to students impacted due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

ACT 246—SB 505 Provides for a temporary restraining order upon application by a peace officer under certain circumstances.

ACT 247—HB 4 Provides relative to the frequency of plan experience studies for the Parochial Employees’ Retirement System of Louisiana.

ACT 248—HB 6 Provides relative to reports by executive branch agencies.

ACT 249—HB 21 Provides relative to membership and benefits of the Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 250—HB 152 Provides for insurance coverage for acupuncture.

ACT 251—HB 167 Provides relative to the submission of nominees for the offices of president and vice president.

ACT 252—HB 189 Provides relative to the time for filing pretrial motions.

ACT 253—HB 248 Provides relative to overtime compensation of Department of State employees for election-related activities during certain time periods.

ACT 254—HB 274 Provides for the execution of electronic notarial acts.

ACT 255—HB 307 Makes supplemental appropriations for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.

ACT 256—HB 311 Provides relative to denial of coverage by dental plans.

ACT 257—HB 335 Authorizes the lieutenant governor and the secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism to designate a person to serve in their stead on certain boards and commissions.

ACT 258—HB 361 Provides relative to supported decision making agreements as a less restrictive means to interdiction.

ACT 259—HB 371 Provides relative to the comprehensive sports injury management program for student athletics

ACT 260—HB 372 Creates the Forest Oak Windsor Place Crime Prevention, Improvement, and Beautification District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 261—HB 374 Establishes an economic development district in Morehouse Parish.

ACT 262—HB 375 Provides relative to gravity drainage districts in Calcasieu Parish.

ACT 263—HB 390 Establishes a parking fee exemption for disabled veterans at cruise terminals for the Port of New Orleans.

ACT 264—HB 404 Provides relative to clerks of court.

ACT 265—HB 409 Provides with respect to purchasing by school boards.

ACT 266—HB 410 Provides relative to the presumption of paternity.

ACT 267—HB 421 Provides relative to bail bond enforcement.

ACT 268—HB 425 Revises membership and provides relative to powers and duties of the Louisiana Fire and Emergency Training Commission

ACT 269—HB 435 Provides relative to nonconsensual pelvic or rectal examinations by health care providers and medical students.

ACT 270—HB 463 Authorizes the governing authority of the city of Crowley to levy a hotel occupancy tax.

ACT 271—HB 469 Allows nighttime hunting of outlaw quadrupeds, nutria, and beaver on private property at any time of the year.

ACT 272—HB 474 Provides relative to the training requirements of certain mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglectuthorizes a health insurance issuer to provide policy information electronically.

ACT 273—HB 477 Provides relative to technology procurement.

ACT 274—HB 497 Requires each auditee in state government to provide the legislative auditor with direct access to data

ACT 275—HB 498 Provides relative to occupational license and examination fee waiver and payment plan for qualified individuals

ACT 276—HB 530 Provides for coverage of healthcare services provided through telehealth or telemedicine

ACT 277—HB 532 Provides relative to Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

ACT 278—HB 561 Provides for the administration, enforcement, and adjudication of state and local taxes and for the jurisdiction of the Board of Tax Appeals

ACT 279—HB 590 Provides relative to the donation of equipment and personnel between two political subdivisions

ACT 280—HB 591 Provides relative to the membership of the Louisiana Sickle Cell Commission

ACT 281—HB 594 Provides relative to partitions by private sale

ACT 282—HB 607 Provides relative to documentation required for certain driver’s licenses

ACT 283—HB 614 Provides relative to data security for persons regulated by the commissioner of insurance

ACT 284—HB 729 Establishes the Council on the Children of Incarcerated Parents and Caregivers and repeals the termination of the Children’s Cabinet

ACT 285—HB 759 Provides for the suspension of certain time periods, limitations, and delays in declared states of disaster, emergency, or public health emergency

ACT 286—HB 819 Authorizes the recommendation of medical marijuana for additional conditions and allows any state-licensed physician to recommend medical marijuana.

ACT 287—HB 131 Provides relative to covered claims of the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association

ACT 288—HB 450 Provides penalties for simple burglary committed under certain circumstances

ACT 289—HB 634 Provides relative to security for deposits required by certain entities

ACT 290—HB 640 Provides with respect to the salary of waterworks commissioners

ACT 291—HB 647 Authorizes the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority to use a trade name

ACT 292—HB 655 Provides relative to the employment of superintendents of schools

ACT 293—HB 685 Provides relative to interagency data sharing

ACT 294—HB 697 Provides relative to the Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission

ACT 295—HB 702 Provides with respect to the practice of physician assistants

ACT 296—HB 709 Re-creates the Department of Revenue

ACT 297—HB 736 Authorizes the Louisiana Tax Commission to order the refund of statutory impositions declared invalid

ACT 298—HB 15 Provides for membership of certain new hires of the Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government in the Parochial Employees’ Retirement System of Louisiana

ACT 299—HB 140 Provides relative to the preemption of state law for firearms

ACT 300—HB 202 Establishes the Louisiana Tax Institute within the legislature and provides for the membership and the terms of membership of the governing board

ACT 301—HB 636 Creates and provides for the Joint Legislative Committee on Technology and Cybersecurity

ACT 302—SB 466 Provides for holding meetings electronically during certain emergencies or disasters

ACT 303—SB 491 Limits liability of persons who provide relief or recovery equipment or services during a declared state emergency

ACT 304—SB 494 Provides relative to coverage for mastectomies and reconstructive surgery

ACT 305—SB 508 Limits liability for restaurants that provide food-to-go during the COVID-19 public health emergency

ACT 306—SB 108 Provides relative to the expansion of the Louisiana Public Livestock Market Charter Law.

ACT 307—SB 156 Prohibits insurance contracts from depriving courts of this state or venue of action against insurer.

ACT 308—SB 163 Provides an exemption for certain contractors to the licensure requirements of the Horticulture Commission.

ACT 309—SB 164 Provides relative to local sales and use tax adjudication.

ACT 310—SB 180 Provides qualifications and licensing requirements for title insurance producers.

ACT 311—SB 189 Creates special funds for the deposit of certain federal monies in the state treasury.

ACT 312—SB 218 Requires that completion of qualifying forms for elected office include submission of valid identification. 

ACT 313—SB 231 Provides with respect to the Louisiana Health Plan. 

ACT 314—SB 238 Provides for repayment of personal contributions or loans.

ACT 315—SB 271 Provides relative to the Health Care Consumer Billing and Disclosure Protection Act.

ACT 316—SB 300 Provides relative to the Charitable Raffles, Bingo, and Keno Licensing Law. 

ACT 317—SB 312 Provides relative to environmental education and litter reduction section of the State Department of Education.

ACT 318—SB 452 Provides for the amount of gross revenue the Lottery Corporation is to annually transfer to the state treasury.

ACT 319—SB 455 Provides relative to the limitation on size of containers of beverages of high alcoholic content.

ACT 320—SB 459 Establishes the Vernon Parish Economic Development District.

ACT 321—HB 740 Prohibits public postsecondary education boards and institutions from disclosing certain student information.

ACT 322—HB 746 Provides an exception to the illegal carrying of weapons for certain persons who carry a concealed firearm during a mandatory evacuation.

ACT 323—HB 763 Provides relative to a gubernatorial declaration of an abnormal economic disruption.

ACT 324—HB 766 Provides relative to “construction aggregates.”

ACT 325—HB 781 Provides relative to the authority to regulate the manufacture, possession, or sale of firearms or ammunition during a declared emergency or disaster or public health emergency.

ACT 326—HB 812 Provides relative to the maximum number of racing days.

ACT 327—HB 815 Provides relative to online auctions.

ACT 328—HB 822 Revises the Addictive Disorders Practice Act.

ACT 329—HB 827 Provides relative to funeral directors and embalmers.

ACT 330—HB 835 Authorizes local hospital assessments in certain parishes to fund the nonfederal share of Medicaid costs of health care provided in those parishes.

ACT 331—HB 836 Provides relative to waiver of certain dental licensing requirements during a declared state of emergency.

ACT 332—HB 845 Provides relative to the Calcasieu Ship Channel public-private partnership

ACT 333—HB 618 Provides for the regulation of commercial feed and use of the Feed and Fertilizer Fund.

ACT 334—HB 676 Prohibits a public postsecondary education institution from withholding certain student services for financial reasons.

ACT 335—HB 681 Provides for Revenue Sharing Distribution for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

ACT 336—HB 826 Provides relative to the limitations of liability due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

(Note: Acts 1 – 48 were signed on Friday, June 5, 2020. Acts 49 – 110 were signed on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Acts 111 – 162 were signed on Thursday, June 11, 2020. Acts 163 – 230 were signed on Friday, June 12, 2020. Acts 231 – 305 were signed on Monday, June 15, 2020. Acts 306 – 336 were signed on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.)

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