MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– ST. Francis Medical Center hosted a pet blessing to kick off the feast of ST. Francis, which is on October 4, 2022. ST. Francis is the patron saint of animals, so it is common to see pet blessings near the feast of St. Francis.

Father James Dominic spoke about the pet blessing. “Today, we are here to bless our animals because I am with St. Francis Medical Center. St. Francis Medical Center is named after St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of all animals. Animals are also very special to him because they are God’s creation. “God created them to make us more happy and joyful.”

Dominic also said, “Every year during this Feast of Saint Francis, we invite our employees and community; they will come with their pets and be blessed.”

Victor Vidaurre told us why he brought his pet to the event. “I just wanted her to get a blessing, particularly for the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who’s the patron saint of animals. And so, today I heard they were doing this. I try to get her to at least be blessed annually.

Katy Temple is an employee of ST. Francis and brought her dogs, too. “Tuesday is St. Francis’s Feast Day, and so they do this every year, and we’ve never been able to make it. “This is our first time bringing our pups out.”