SPORTSMAN’S PARADISE: Review hunting safety before you hit the woods


OUACHITA PARISH, LA (09/29/19)–Hunters are excited to hit the woods and bag the season trophy, but there are some things you should look over before you start.


Sportsman’s paradise is right here in the state we call home. Whether you like to hunt deer, squirrel, turkey or alligator, safety should always come before a kill.

“There is a proper technique in hunting safety,” said Keith Lowery, Hunters Ed Instructor with Wildlife and Fisheries.

Some safety basics include controlling the direction of your weapon, how to handle a firearm, having the proper hunting gear, and knowing your target and what lies beyond it.

“It only takes one shot to damage your ears, so we want to encourage you to wear ear protection and of course eye protection is obvious why that’s important,” said Lowery.

In Louisiana you have to be at least 10 years old to get a hunters safety card, which you must have to purchase a hunting license.

“You never want to put a firearm in anybody’s hands, whether it’s an adult or a child, that has never shot one before,” said Dana Norsworthy, Supervisor for Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.

Before heading out into the woods, the hunter needs to be taught the right stance and technique by someone who knows the proper way. With squirrel and bow season right around the corner, it’s important for hunters to communicate with those they will be sharing the woods with.

“You got squirrel hunters walking in the woods looking for a squirrel, your bow hunters my be in an elevated stands so any bow hunter that sees a squirrel hunter needs to be vocal,” said Lowery.

Officials say hunting can teach many life lessons.

“It teaches you respect for the outdoors, it teaches you about the particular animal you may be harvesting,” said Lowery.

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