Beast of the Week: Forest High school’s pitcher Brooke Ross | 1,000 career strikeouts

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“What would you say is the fastest pitch you have thrown?”, said Beast of the Week host Jesse Davis.

“I’ve gotten clocked at 62 I’m not really consistent at 62 I’m more at 60 but that’s about the fastest yeah”, says Forest High school’s Brooke Ross.

“So who inspired you to play softball I know everybody they have somebody they look up to growing up. Who inspired you? Was it a relative, or another athlete?”

“I don’t know I kind of just started playing and my dad has always inspired me he always pushed me to be really good trying my hardest at it and he’s made me a very good softball player. He is a big reason.”, said Ross.

” Alright so lets kind of talk about, 1,000 career strikeouts. Yes you heard it right 1,000 career strikeouts. How did you do that? Like how did you accomplish that goal? Was that a goal of yours or was this something that you weren’t keeping up with it?

“Well at the beginning I wasn’t keeping up with it and then this year and like years past, I really kind of started to rack up strikeouts and it was a big part in how we won. I tried out for the team in 4th grade. I started playing in 5th grade on varsity. Then in 7th grade, we went to state for the first time ever.”

“Hold on 7th grade, did y’all hear that 7th grade, not too many people can say that went to state in 7th grade.”

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