MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The beginning August marks the return of high school and college football and as student-athletes are back on the field in full physical activity.

Much of the heat are in the high nineties and sometimes triple digits around this time in Northeast Louisiana.

University of Louisiana at Monroe football Team Physician Dr. Stephanie Aldret spoke with KTVE/KARD Sports on how to keep athletes safe from heat illness as high school and college sports practice begins ahead of a hot summer.

“A lot of the practice safeties and prep that goes along with fall camp is making sure that they’ve had some of the training throughout the summer to be physically active and everything as well to be able to have nutrition good protein being hydrated and that they’ve been active to where it’s not a shock to the system whenever they get here, says Dr. Aldret.”

Dr. Aldret also serves as a Sports Medicine Physician and is a faculty member at VCOM-Louisiana which is located on the ULM campus and have a public/private partnership with the university. VCOM is a separate, private osteopathic medical school.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website “Heat-related illness in athletes can be prevented if coaches and athletes are properly educated about heat safety.” 

Dr. Aldret, explains how they’re educating athletes to prevent themselves from facing any heat related injuries and the necessary protocols during practice sessions.

“We are past the days of getting out there from 12:00pm to 2:00pm with the heat of the day without water stations being available and just taken salt tablets. You can’t do that anymore, says Dr. Aldret”.

Dr. Aldret advises athlete’s to pay attention to their body them to replenish their body with enough fluids and proteins before, during and after their workouts.

“Watching those caffeine levels having appropriate nutrition with electrolytes in there proteins proteins help you to stay hydrated and keep the fluids in salting your food keeps with those electrolyte every little bit you can get, says Dr. Aldret.”

Dr. Aldret also mentions that as long as athletes from youth sports to the professional can remember three key things to monitor when doing any physical activities in hotter temperatures. Stay hydrated with enough water, check in on your Nutrition and, check the temperatures before heading out to your outdoor workouts.