Sterlington, La.(KTVE/KARD)– “Vehicle burglaries are happening again in our area”, says Sterlington Police Department.

“So far, most of these vehicles that have been burglarized had unlocked doors.” Sterlington officials say thieves are looking for unlocked vehicles to enter.

“Yes ma’am, nowadays when we were kids it was fine to leave your cars unlocked. But the times we’re living in, yes ma’am I lock my vehicles, I lock the doors all the time just to run in.” Says a Sterlington resident, Jason Duncan.

Charles Bennie, another local resident says he knows of someone who’s gun was stolen from a car because the doors were unlocked. “Yeah, you need to lock your doors,” he says.

Duncan also says these burglaries happen within minutes if we’re not paying enough attention. ” It’s really getting bad. I hate to think that even in this small town in Sterlington.”

Whether it is a quick stop at the store or at the gas station, local store employee, Gracie Allen says it is important to raise awareness in the community.

“Be sure to lock your cars. It takes just 5 seconds of your day. Make sure to lock your cars.”

The Sterlington Police Department says thieves look for unlocked vehicles, so make sure to lock your doors. If you hear or see anything call the police immediately.