WEST MONROE, La. (2/20/2020) — All day today, in every newscast KTVE NBC 10 & KARD FOX 14 look at one of the essentials in life: water. We specifically look at where your drinking water comes from, how it gets to your house, the condition it’s in when it gets there, and how you can learn more about what is in your water.

NBC 10/FOX 14 Morning Anchor Anna McAllister looks at the problem of lead in our drinking water. She talks to a research at LSU who has been analyzing lead levels in Louisiana’s tap water for years.

Depending on where you get your water, it can taste, smell, and look very different. Our Mya Hudgins talked to a water filtration expert on some of the best ways to clear up your drinking water.

With all the problems with water in the Arklamiss, there are success stories. NBC 10 Evening Anchor Michelli Martin looks at a water reclamation project in West Monroe that uses the sun to save water from being pulled from the Sparta Aquifer for Graphic Packaging. It’s an award winning project that is the state’s largest publicly-owned solar farm.

One of the local towns that has had major issues in the past in the town of St. Joseph in Tensas Parish. Our Isabel Albritton gets an update from parish leaders on what they have done to try and improve the water quality there.

If you want to find out more about what is in your water, where do you go? NBC 10 Evening Anchor Bode Brooks looks at a website where you can search by zip code to find all the elements and chemicals that are in your tap water.

The city of Tallulah in Madison Parish has long dealt with water woes. NBC 10 Weekend Anchor Chelsea Jones talked to city leaders and those living there about the progress made and the progress yet to come to the city’s water supply.

It seems almost every day, there is a boil advisory in the Arklamiss. NBC 10/FOX 14 Meteorologist Brian Briggs talks to leaders at one local water system about the challenges they face as they work hard to keep the drinking water safe for their customers.