OAK GROVE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Change is coming to the the Oak Grove community after a group of people from different churches came together to form a non-profit organization called The Revelation Station. Now, they’re working to build a Christian sober housing area for people who used to be drug and alcohol addicts.

“To help alleviate and help people get their lives back together, get their feet under them and reestablishing to come back and be a productive citizen of the community is the ultimate goal for each person,” said Shorty Mclemore, The Revelation Station Board of Directors.

A sober living house dedicated to being a stepping stone for those who walk through its doors.

“As a 30 year drug and alcoholic this means a lot to me because when I tried to come out of that, I had a place to go to, I had a family that I could go to…but a lot of these people have no one to go to but back to the same place they came from,” said Raymond Agent, The Revelation Station Board of Directors.

“An addict has different faces. We may picture it to be this person or this person, but I was one that struggled for 21 years and I tried everything in the world to get sober, but it finally took Jesus Christ,” said Scott Garrett, The Revelation Station Board of Directors.

These trailers will be renovated and this plot of land you see will eventually be turned into a place for crops to grow. The board of directors say there is a strict process for who will be allowed to stay here.

“They must have gone through a 30 day rehabiliation peiod, they will be drug tested. An application will be filled out with references and the references will be checked,” said Mclemore.

When the men who stay here are making enough money from an outside job, the directors say they will open a checking account to teach them how to manage finances.

The board of directors says they hope to have all the renovations done on the trailers and begin the process of placing men by the end of the summer.

The Revelation Station says there will be security cameras on the property for safety and someone will be supervising the men who are staying at the house.