MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)–Sickle cell anemia is a disease that lacks awareness. Some of the issues patients with this disease have are the accessibility of treatment and testing.

The executive director of the Northeast Louisiana Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, transcranial doppler screenings are critical for Sickle Cell patients but can be difficult to obtain. “This is a very important test for our clients because it detects if they are threatening a stroke. So we don’t have that anymore here in this area, so then they have to go somewhere else to get this test done.”

Shayla Kennedy, a parent of a child with sickle cell, said it would be easier to have the care close to home. “Every parent does not have reliable transportation, and even with medical transportation they will still have to call and get that set up in advance, but if it was here it would be much easier.”

Both said that going to the hospital can be a pain. Kennedy said, “They really don’t want to go; we have to push them because they don’t like to hear the whispers and the labels that they are just seeking drugs when they are not; in all actuality they just want the pain to stop.”

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