VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – Jody Thrasher is back behind bars three days after escaping the Evangeline Parish Jail.

“I think he only had about 3 or 4 months left then he would have gotten out. But now he’s looking at a simple escape charge which is a consecutive offense and it’s a felony,” says Evangeline Parish Sheriff Charles Guillory.

Jody Thrasher was arrested in April on charges of drug possession. Guillory says Thrasher was not considered a dangerous inmate and was willing to give Thrasher the help needed to get off drugs.

Sunday afternoon, Thrasher was not present for a headcount coming back from the recreation yard. “They went back into the rec yard and they found out there was an opening at the top. Where they overlap the fence, it came together right over the stairwell. You stand in the railing and hurricane fence is twisted at the top so he untwisted it, unraveled it, made a little hole and jumped up on top of the roof,” says Guillory.

Guillory says Thrasher climbed up to the top of the gate, once he was there he tripped and fell over 20 feet, injuring his leg. From there the chase was on, with Guillory’s office contacting law enforcement across the state to post his mug shot.

The search continued until Tuesday when Thrasher contacted News 10 directly in an attempt to be interviewed, claiming he was falsely accused and set up for drug charges. “I think he was just grabbing at straws just trying to make things that were not. He never even made a complaint to me or my command staff.”

After failing to attend the interview which was surrounded by Lafayette Police, Thrasher would travel to Lake Charles.

We received a call from the Lake Charles Police Department. Thrasher did meet a relative in Lake Charles who works for the City Marshals there who insisted that he turn himself in.