PARKIN, Ark. — A Parkin police officer was arrested on Monday after he was accused of allowing inmates to buy beer and cigarettes from a local gas station.

Police officer Darrell Crowder, 49, went to the Cross County Detention Center to take two inmates to court on Thursday, Oct. 7.

Cross County Sheriff David West said instead of taking them to jail once court was over, Crowder took them to a residence of one of the inmates’ family and allowed one of them to get money from a family member.

Afterward, he took both inmates to the gas station and let one of them go inside to buy beer, cigarettes and tobacco. Crowder allowed both inmates to drink and smoke in the car before he took them back to jail, West said.

The inmates went into the store in full jail uniform and handcuffs.

The Cross County Sheriff’s Office completed the investigation and arrested Crowder four days later. He has been charged with furnishing prohibited articles, and impairing operations of vital public facility.