Series of storm systems brings heavy rain, flooding to northern areas of the ArkLaMiss


OUACHITA PARISH, LA (02/10/20) Another week, another system. Mother Nature continues to bring rounds of showers and storms, which has caused flooding across northern portions of the ArkLaMiss. Many locations have seen anywhere from 1-3 inches since Monday morning, prompting multiple flash flood warnings.

Despite the heavy rainfall that we’ve been seeing through the course of the day, the Twin Cities Public Works have been on top of it to make sure that flooding has been minimized.

In West Monroe, Public Works Director Ronnie Turner says they haven’t received any major flooding calls yet.

“We’re in pretty good shape here in West Monroe. We have crews out making sure they’re maintaining the drains, cleaning out culverts and making sure all of the trash and debris is out of the mouth of culverts” he says.

Across the river, Public Works Director Tom Janway says that some localized street flooding has been occurring, but crews have been attending to it.

“They’re out working in the rain to keep our storm drains open” he says.

Recent draining projects have also alleviated flooding in usual spots, with future projects expected to see similar results.

“We have recently completed the Rochelle retention pond, which has helped tremendously. It will relieved that area between 18th street and 11th street, even over into the Garden District” he says.

All of Monroe’s pumping stations are in full working order. He says that the biggest issue they deal with is trash that not only blocks drains.

“Clean those ditches, clean those storm drains. Also, keep any lose debris out of their yard that would float into a storm drain system. That is a major problem when it comes to rain events is debris getting into our pumps and locking up a pump, causing a 30 or 40 to 50 thousand dollar repair” he says.

They will have sandbags at the ready as more rainfall continues. Oauchita Parish has declared a state of emergency to account for the heavy rainfall.

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