SEASON OF RETURNS: Second wave of shopping


MONROE, La. (12/26/2019)– Christmas is over, but the rush doesn’t stop for retailers. Customers are making their second shopping wave before year comes to an end. That’s why stores are packed once again. While after-Christmas sales are underway, people are exchanging all sorts of items like jeans, sweaters, and boots.

“I’m here to exchange a gift that’s too small,” Jackson Choat, a Pecanland Mall customer, said.

With gift reciepts in hand, customers stood in line patiently waiting their turn.

“They weren’t too long, but longer than I wanted to wait,” Jacob Slaughter, a resident, said.

While some were ready for the shopping to be over.

“Too long, let me tell you,” Miya Allen, a customer, said. “I don’t know, they need help in here, they need to call somebody.”

Mall employees say the day after Christmas is always one of the busiest days of the year because of gift exchanges.

“It’s super fun, but super, super busy,” Madison Hataway, Buckle Team Leader, said. “It’s a really fun environment, a lot of people do come in and do gift exchanges so that’s really good, but thankfully, we have product everyday to go out.”

Employees say you should bring your gift receipt to make the exchange process a little faster.

“It’s not too much of a hassle to come back and return gifts, I got one for my mom that’s too big, so she’s going to have to return that one too,” Slaughter said.

So maybe next year shoppers will get the size right, or they’ll end up right back here with clothing too big or one size just a little too tight.

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