Lafayette researchers have developed a way to predict epileptic seizures


Lafayette, La. (11/19/19)— Researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have created an artificial intelligence system that can accurately predict epileptic seizures up to an hour before they happen.

This will allow people suffering with epilepsy the opportunity to take medication, contact a friend, relative, or medical professional, and in some cases, prevent the seizure all together.

Based on the results of an electroencephalogram, or EEG, that monitored the brain signals of 22 patients at Boston Children’s Hospital, the system has a 99.6% accuracy rate.

The next step in the process is getting the system to people with epilepsy. The same researchers that developed the system are currently working on a customized computer chip that could be placed in a smart phone or even a wristwatch, synchronized to sensors embedded in head gear, such as a swimmer’s cap.

In addition, they are also working on a chip that can be placed in someone’s brain that will allow them to move a prosthetic limb via thought. If successful, they will try to develop the seizure prediction system into those same chips.

To see the entire article, published by La Louisiane, the official magazine of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, click here.

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