Saving Paws of Caldwell will getting a new shelter soon


COLUMBIA, LA (9/23/19) As the dogs of Saving Paws of Caldwell wait patiently for their furever homes they currently wait outside, exposed to the elements. But in the next couple of months, they will be able to wait at their new location.

Joni Taylor, Vice President of Saving Paws says it’s much different than the current shelter the dogs are in. “It quickly ended up becoming a place kind of like a pallet city with tarps and we ended up with almost 80 dogs and that was huge financial burden on us.”

Funded completely by donations, some of the new bells and whistles include…. “These dogs will be indoors, where we can control the environment. They won’t be in extreme heat or cold. It won’t be the lap of luxury but it will be way better than outside with a tarp” says Taylor.

The shelter will also have built in doggy doors and a grooming station. They wanted to expand the amount of kennels as well but due to lack of funds they were unable to. But this is something they’re still keeping in mind for the future.

Now once the new shelter is up and running not only will provide the dogs with a new house for Saving Paws of Caldwell, but also help those outside of its walls, the community.

The shelter has also provided inmates at the Caldwell Correctional Center an opportunity to give back.

“These trustees have regular jobs during the week, so on the weekends they don’t, and we are able to get two or three at a time which has been huge” she says.

The shelter will also help the elderly, veterans and the disabled care for their own dogs.

“And a lot of times they’re not able to bathe or groom their dogs or they really can’t afford a groomer. So with our new grooming tub we want to be accessible to be able to come in here” she says.

Saving Paws is always open for donations, whether in the form of supplies or money. They’re going to be holding a mini golf fund raiser shortly here in
West Monroe. If you would like to attend, here is a link to the event on Facebook:

To learn more about Saving Paws of Caldwell the link to their website is here:

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