CROSSETT, AR (KTVE/KARD) – The Sarah Sanders campaign bus has made its way to Southern Arkansas for another stop on her Freedom Tour. Saunders saying, in an exclusive one on one interview with your Weather Station, that her platform will focus heavily on education reform.

“We have ignored our education system for far too long frankly we haven’t had any major reform in over 20 years, not since my dad was governor.” Sanders said.

She echoed her statement about focusing on the education of Arkansans by mentioning that she feels that the children of Arkansas are the future and need to be given a chance.

“Making sure our kids are able to read and write, making sure were educating not indoctrinating.” Sanders said Monday.

For Sanders, Southern Arkansas is a familiar spot and explains her excitement with being able to return to the area.

“I grew up in different parts of southern Arkansas so it’s personal for me and a special place. A lot of this area feels like coming back home to where I grew up.” Sanders said behind a smile.

Sanders, who is also running for Governor of Arkansas has been on the move around the Natural State getting in front of voters. She feels that it’s crucial to get to know those who cast the ballots.

“We’ve had a tremendous response, it’s been incredible and enjoying the campaign trail. This is an important part of our state and we’re making sure we get to every part of it and get a chance for voters to connect directly.” mentioning that it’s not just about the voters seeing her, but her seeing and meeting the voters.

Sanders and company traveled all around southern Arkansas today, hitting Star City and Warren. She’ll head to Hampton on Tuesday.