Sallie Humble Elementary teachers remotely bring joy to their students


MONROE, LA (04/01/20) Since March 16th, students and teachers have had a rough being away from each other since the sudden closures of schools across the Pelican state.

“So there was not that, you know, I’ll see you in a few weeks, or that big giant hug, or time to pack up their supplies” says Shannon Embanato, Curriculum Coordinator at Sallie Humble.

Teachers at Sallie Humble Elementary wasted no time brainstorming ideas to keep a sense of connection and interaction alive by coming up with creative ways to say how much they miss their students.

“And just let them know that we’re thinking about them, and this is a scary time, it’s an uncertain time, but we’re still their teachers and they’re still our students” she says.

An idea was born to create a long video montage consisting of everything from pictures, to shout outs, to even some teachers dodging soccer balls, even sprayed. It was then posted on social media for the students to see, and the reactions were mixed.

“Teachers shared it and then it just kind of exploded from there” she says. “Some of the parents say, you know, they cried when they saw it, their child’s face lit up when they saw it, they appreciated us reaching out to their children.”

When it’s not exactly know when they will see each other face to face again, they still have each other, no matter the distance.

“It kind of let the kids know, that, you know, we’re still here, and i think that’s the most important thing is, the year is not over, and these are our children, our students” she says.

The teachers have found other ways to engage their students besides the video, such as quarantine social week, spring break staycation and even a normal lesson that turned into showing off pets.

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