SAFETY: Tips you should know before lighting fireworks


WEST MONROE, La. (07/03/19)– Although the 4th of July is a time for celebration, it’s also important to practice fireworks safety, especially around kids. One way is to always remember to keep a pail of water on hand.

“This stuff has cardboard packaging on the outside,” Ashley Routon, Regional Manager of Little Dixie Fireworks, said. “So when you’re dealing with an explosive it may catch on fire afterward, we just want to make sure that we have water nearby in case something does catch on fire, or a grass pile catches on fire, you’ll have a way to put that out.”

And never let kids light fireworks on their own.

“With your kids, always, always make sure they are supervised and always have an adult nearby and show them proper usage,” said Routon.

There are also items available at fireworks stands that are kid-friendly — including smoke bombs and snappers.

“The ones that you throw on the ground,” said Routon. “There is no fire that is going to be involved in that, no lighting involved. You literally have a pack and throw it on the concrete. They love it. If they don’t go off they can stomp it.”

Fireworks stand personnel also say there is a proper way to dispose of fireworks.

“It is a great idea to soak it down, just to be sure, you don’t want to catch anything on fire that might be in your trash can,” said Routon.

The Ouachita Parish Fire Department also reminds residents that you are responsible for the aftermath of anything you light.

“If that firework projectiles into somebody else’s property and starts a fire, you will be held liable for that fire,” Dusty Harris, fire prevention officer, said.

The fire department also reminds people to only ignite fireworks in open areas away from grass, debris, or structures.

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