RUSTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Louisiana Economic Growth Committee announced three major grocery retailers submitted a proposition to sell higher content of alcohol in the city of Ruston. As a result, Ruston voters are asked to sign this petition.

“I’m in favor of that proposition. I think it lands more to normality and the current situation, and I would certainly be in favor of that,” said Barbara Lewis, a Ruston resident.

Current grocery stores sell beer and low volume of wine with less than 6 percent alcohol by volume. This petition would allow stores to expand that limit. Ruston Mayor, Ronny Walker, says he supports the petition.

“This is not a Ronny Walker decision, is not a City Council decision, it’s a vote of the people.”
Walker says the increase of sales taxes could be a valuable revenue for the city.

“Yes, it would create a tremendous amount of sales tax, not just for the city of Ruston but for the sheriff’s office, for the police jury, and for the school board.

Laddie Aluka, owner of Ruston Groceries, says this proposition could make a major impact on local businesses.

“The Northside area doesn’t have a liquor store at all. But I think it would be good for Ruston people, so they don’t have to travel that far.”

According to the petition report, Louisiana State Law requires a 25 percent of signatures of the city of Ruston registered voters.

“Let the voters decide. I would vote for it. I would vote for the 6 percent increase of alcohol. Go vote for what you want,” said Cindy Green, a Ruston local.

“It doesn’t make any difference to me what they sell because people have the right to choose. I, myself, don’t drink,” explained Max Barrett, another local.  

State Law allows the petition to be in circulation for no more than 60 days.

Once petition signatures are gathered, they can take up to 30 days for verification. Target date to submit petitions is October 21st. Election date is March 25th, 2023.