Ruston teen scammed out of prom dress


She was promised the dress of her dreams but it was nothing like she imagined

MONROE, La. (6/26/19)– “I cried when i got the dress in the mail and I cried when she sent me the picture of the dress. It was really, really awful,” said prom attendee Dashia Jackson.

Dashia Jackson vividly recalls the drama that unfolded the day of her senior prom. It was supposed to be the best night of her life, but that dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

“When I say it did not fit at all, like I put it on my arms and I think it stopped right here and that’s as far as it could go. I couldn’t even fit my hand through the sleeves,” said Jackson.

Jackson wasn’t kidding.

The gown she envisioned in her mind, nothing like the dress mailed to her by the designer.

“It was a big deal for me. Senior prom was all that I had and she put me through a lot,” said Jackson.

Jackson won a contest from a local non-profit called Sprinkle an Angel. The non-profit focuses on helping local families financially. As the winner, her prom expenses were entirely paid for by the organization, but the dress maker never came through on her promises.

“We never received the dress on the dates that she said. The prom was that Saturday at 9, we received the dress that Friday,” said Lanette Smith, founder of Sprinkle and Angel.

The dress–not what Jackson asked for and entirely too small. The designer said she would fix it, but the day of the prom, she backed out. Now, Jackson was without a dress and Smith was out hundreds of dollars.

“I said if I’m not going to get my money back, I’m just going to go ahead and sue you because it’s not fair that you took away from a foundation that’s giving back to people,” said Smith.

She continued to reach out to the designer, but Smith says she refused to pay for the dress and the court fees.

Jackson’s family all pitched in to buy her a gown an hour before prom started.

We reached out to the designer and didn’t hear back.

However, a woman who identified herself as the designer’s mother reached out to Smith on Wednesday, saying she would pay her Thursday.

We’ll keep you updated on if that payment is received.

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