HISTORY: Run-down monument sign in Calhoun restored


CALHOUN, LA (11/17/19)– Over 46 years ago, the Calhoun High School Basketball team won their first state championship and had a sign put up in their honor. Over the years it began to deteriorate, but now it’s been restored and replaced.

A game-winning jump shot….making athletic history for Calhoun High School.

“We miss our coach. We wish he was here, Coach Lovett,” said Robert Henderson, Guard on championship team.

The Calhoun Basketball Team won the first state championship game in 1973, beating Dry Pong 50-49.

“I took that pride with me, it was a thing that we really accomplished for a small town like this,” said Claude Britton, forward on the championship team.

The same year, locals decided to build a sign in honor of the team’s accomplishment and to welcome people to the town.

“My dad and my brother built the frame. What they accomplished that year was something that not many teams can do, they were 46 and 6 that year,” said Carol Brown, Family built original sign.

The original Calhoun sign is located off highway 80 in Calhoun, but after years of trees growing over it and it falling apart, drivers couldn’t see the sign anymore. That’s why they decided to cut down the trees and open up the area for the new sign.

“I had never knew this sign was here until this initiative started,” said William Mallone, Helped hang sign.

The process for rehabbing the sign started as art kids at Calhoun Middle School got to help design and paint the new sign.

“It’s kind of like the next generation trying to salvage it and bring back a little pride in the community,” said Brown.

Guys who played on the championship team say they love the history of the sign as it’s been shared throughout generations.

“I can bring my grandkids up and they can see what their granddad did back in the day,” said Aaron Cole, Guard on the championship team.

The last class to go through Calhoun High School before it closed was in 1988 and the resident who built the sign died in 2000, making this a local monument for the community.

“We don’t have anything left of Calhoun High School and with my dad being gone too, it was pretty sentimental being up here doing some work,” said Brown.
The sign is placed off highway 80 in Calhoun. You’ll see it right before you arrive at Calhoun Middle School.

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