Rivalry of the “R”- Rutgers University takes legal action for Ruston High School’s logo


The New Jersey university is claiming the symbolic "R" as their trademark

RUSTON, La. (7/19/19)– The cherry colored “R” that sits proudly on many of the buildings of Ruston High school has been a symbol of the city for years.

That logo, now on it’s way out after Rutgers University in New Jersey claims to have the rights to the “R”.

Most locals would agree, this iconic “R” represents the beloved city of Ruston. Residents took to social media to express their outrage. Some said Rutgers University only recognized the similarities in logos after the national tornado coverage.

Turns out–the university approached Ruston High School months before that happened.

“It was probably late January, early February, a representative from Rutgers contacted me about that they’ve seen on social media and some places where we were using that was Rutgers’ that they had trademarked it,” said Ricky Durrett, athletic director of Lincoln Parish Schools.

Durrett says the Ruston High and Rutgers signed a non-disclosure agreement to work out the copyright issue. Ruston high will start creating a new logo for the school in August.

“We want to kind of incorporate whatever “R” we decide to use and then put the bearcat head with it and kind of do a copyright or trademark on that for Ruston High School,” said Durrett.

Ruston High School worked out an agreement with Rutgers that over the next ten years, the “R” emblem will be phased out of all school branding.

Durrett says the school hopes to involve both administrators and students to create the new logo.

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