Richwood’s mayor, Gerald Brown, faces a recall election.


RICHWOOD, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Gerald Brown is only a little over a year into his second term as mayor of Richwood and is now faced with news that some residents in the town aren’t confident in his leadership. 

“Well, first of all, this is disappointing the fact that this has even come to this. The recall itself it’s attributed to the vision and divisiveness you know, within our own town. And I hate that this has gotten even to this point, but I think it should be used if there is some kind of criminal act and events but this is some kind of egregious mismanagement of the town.” He says.

Mayor Brown says he doesn’t agree with the recall petition. He says the recall claims 3 areas that Brown’s administration has been deficient in such as public safety, economic development and over all,  management of the town affairs.

“So if somebody has a question on any of those areas, I would hope that they just step back and look and see where things have gone.” Says Mayor Brown

“ If they have any questions about the things we’ve tried to do or we’re attempting to do, again, my office is open.” He says. 

Brown says he wants the community to know how far the town of Richwood has come with development improvements over the years. 

“There is just no way that you can say that. our general funds have grown, our police department has grown, we got more employees.” Says Brown. 

Brown says his personal involvement in the community has made a significant difference. He says he remains positive despite the disagreements on the recall petition. 

“Whatever problems or disagreements that we may have, I just think it is better to come together and work together and try to get those things done. as supposed to do an action like this.” He says. 

When it comes to the town of Richwood mayor Brown says he wants the citizens  to know his office is available for any future questions and concerns  that the community may have.

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