RICHWOOD, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Richwood Board of Aldermen took a vote, but failed to pass the town’s budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year during Thursday, November 17th meeting.

The budget was expected to be adopted before the first of July, which starts at the beginning of the fiscal year.

State law requires municipalities to pass a budget during that time. Members of the community were there and expressed their concerns about the future of the town.

Mayor Gerald Brown says he’s disappointed with the board’s decision.

“The Legislative Auditor’s Office has been in communication with us about how things are going and, so they are aware. At any given point they can come in and invoke what the Lawrason Act has to say, ‘hey you can’t spend that 50% of the last adopted budget. You can effectively shut the town down.’”

Wilbert Reed, one of the aldermen who cast a “no” vote, says why he didn’t support the budget.

“The administration needs to understand that we have a job to do as aldermen. Our job is to protect the citizens and the money of the town, and we are going to do that regardless. Until we start meeting halfway on these issues, we are going to have some problems with growing pains.”

Mayor Brown says they will wait for the town’s general attorney’s opinion to come in and proceed from there.