DELHI, La. (KTVE/KARD) – October is National Bullying Prevention Month and the town of Delhi teamed up with Delhi schools to participate in the ‘Unity Day’ initiative to help spread awareness.

Darrius is a 11th grade student at Delhi High School and he says he supports the “Unity Day” initiative because he wants to make a positive impact in his community. 

“I feel like everybody needs to come as one for a whole day. Nobody should be treated differently or look in a certain way because of how they look. They don’t need the negative energy from everybody else.” 

“Especially here at Delhi High School. It was the whole entire student body coming together as one and beating against bullying, to see it and to stop it,” added another high school student, Treasure. 

The ‘Unity Day’ initiative encouraged everyone to wear and share orage to send a visible message that no child should ever experience bullying. Principal at Delhi High School, Ramona Drungo, says school safety is their number priority.

“We didn’t hesitate to join in with the town. We feel like it is needed because our first priority here, ofcourse, is to keep our students safe. they can’t learn if they are not safe.”

Christen is another student who says she supports the cause because bullying could bring negative consequences. 

“Some people take it to the heart and they could commit suicide and some people can’t handle it like others.”

The initiative also included hiding 20 orage rocks throughout the town and schools with hidden positive words. 

“When the kids found them you should’ve seen their faces,” said Drungo. “And the words that were on the rocks, the kids enjoyed it and they got to collect their prizes from Town Hall.” 

Darrius says he had a hard time finding the rock, but he said he enjoyed the experience. 

“I was trying really hard to find one like I was running around trying to find one.” 

But Drungo says Delhi students know what really matters

“The students already understand who they are and we work together to make sure that they love themselves and love each other.”