RICHLAND PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Mangham police department have arrested two suspects after shots were fired on school property. 

Based on the evidence, officials say they believe these two suspects met up at the Mengham Junior High School property to purchase a gun before everything went down

The shooting happened on the 100 block of Hixon Road just before midnight on January 10th. 

The two suspects arrested were identified as 21-year-old Ladamien Moffitt and 20-year-old Kobe Holland. 

“They had a meeting to purchase a gun, and something went wrong,” said Mangham Chief of Police, Perry Fleming.

Moffitt was charged with 1 count of carrying a firearm on school property and 1 count of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. 

Holland was also arrested and charged with attempted 1st degree murder. 

“Holland was shot three times. Muffitt was hit in the leg which I think was a ricochet from the bullet. Both of them are really lucky that we don’t work on a homicide. I think it was like 15 AR rounds and 7.40 caliber rounds,” said Fleming. 

Both Holland and Muffitt were taken to local hospitals for medical treatment and later transported to Richland Detention Center.  

As local officials continue to patrol the area, Fleming says the Mangham Police Department’s main focus is the safety of its citizens. 

“The sheriff’s office, they do, they come through. We will step up as much as we can as far as patrol. noticing things that might not look right. we are going to stay on top of it.

The Richland sheriff’s office says there are other two juveniles also involved in this incident.

This is an ongoing investigation.