UNION PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Foster Farms in Farmerville has new job openings, and the company is raising wages for its employees. The entry-level wage took effect on September 11th. City officials say they aim to fill over 600 new job positions.

“It’s a hundred years past due. If you pay, it would benefit and prospect in the end,” said Barbara, a resident.

The competitive entry-level wage increased to $17.30 per hour from the current start rate of $12.70 per hour. 

 City officials say the $20 million investment will bring a positive impact to its employees and the Union Parish community. 

“I think it is a good thing. It will give people more opportunities to find something to do, plus it would help the local business,” said another resident, Robert Mcgee.

This is an economic boost, especially during the impact of high inflation. Jackie Wilson, Senior Regional Human Resources Manager, says the company is looking into hiring a variety of job positions.

“We are looking for production, general laborers, were looking for trimmers, were looking for floor people for shipping people were looking for live hangers so we have a lot of positions that are open.” 

“It’s something that should’ve happened a long time ago. I love it,” said Charlie Jones, another local. 

Applicants can submit their application at https://qrco.de/FosterFarmsFarmerville.

You are required to bring: Your I-9 hiring documents (Driver’s License/ID, Social Security Card, U.S. Passport or other acceptable I-9 documents)with a valid email address and a valid picture id

Application deadline is Thursday, Friday the 15th.